Essentials: on a precipice Art and Media Reference Website

Many of you may not be aware of this little site that was started by me and my friend Nick Z. nearly 9 years ago. I have been managing the project solely for 8+ years. One of the goals was to archive art reference and artist collections from around the web, getting permission where possible, and removing anything that the owner didn’t want shared.

With so much time passing since the start of the project it is clear that our lofty goals were valid. Since the creation of the site many digital artists have moved on to other careers and removed their portfolios from the web. My previous employment had me doing 3D prop and background art. Reference art was always a necessity.

While we use every method of de-duping the archive to ensure there aren’t any exact copies of images across multiple categories, one area we have fallen flat on our faces is the realm of ‘keywords’ for each image. While the system does provide for single and bulk keyword entries on images, it’s hard for just one person to tag over 21,000 images. Plain and simple.

So, I am at a crossroads with this project. Please give me your input with this project. Is it no longer relevant? Should intellectual content and artwork on the web be transient and not saved for posterity and reference sake? Are you one of those people who enjoy adding keywords to images?

Now is the time to pipe-up and help out if you’re into it.



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