DeskSlide for your desktop wallpaper!

DeskSlide is a utility for automating the wallpaper change on your desktop. It replaces your boring desktop wallpaper, also called background image, automatically at intervals of your choice, with your beautiful digital images.

After installing Windows Vista and spending time clicking around through the factory wallpapers I decided that I wanted to have them change automatically. I began with Google and found DeskScapes by Stardock very quickly but I wanted something more simple.

So, I found DeskSlide by George Obada which seemed to be a much simpler and smaller install than DeskScapes. I didn’t want to get into a DeskScapes vs. DeskSlide competition because looking at the screenshots of DeskScapes I quickly realized that it had a far more invasive installation process and I like apps on my workstation to be as portable as possible.

Here’s what the developer has to say about DeskSlide:

DeskSlide is a utility for automating the wallpaper change on your desktop. It replaces your boring desktop wallpaper, also called background image, automatically at intervals of your choice, with your beautiful digital images.

You can specify the wallpaper change interval in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weekly, monthly or when you log on – just to name a few. You can define complicated schedules as well.

Try using the photographs made by your digital camera as your desktop wallpaper. It wouldn’t fit, would it? Windows does not scale down your image size for you. DeskSlide does not only scale-up or scale-down for you, it gives you different options.

You can rearrange the order of the slides, specifying the style or layout, or let DeskSlide automatically select this for you, depending on the image. Supported file types are BMP, GIF, JPEG, DIB, and PNG. Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98

DeskSlide is fully free and is NOT sponsored by Adware, Spyware or any wolf-in-sheep-covering schemes. You are not required to donate or pay in any way.

Windows Vista is not listed on the compatibility list but it appears to work perfectly without any errors.

By default DeskSlide adds some automatic start information to your Windows Vista registry. DeskSlide will be set to automatically run when windows starts. This is done by the program installer. We have found that when using the default auto start registry settings for DeskSlide that you need to minimize DeskSlide each time you restart Windows Vista.

Fortunately there are alternative startup options which will automatically ‘hide’ DeskSlide when it starts.

We will outline two steps to help you remove DeskSlide from your Windows Vista registry and to modify the DeskSlide program shortcut to automatically hide the application when it starts.

To stop DeskSlide from running when windows starts due to registry settings do the following:
Click Start › Settings › Control Panel › Performance Information and Tools › Manage Startup Programs

Select the DeskSlide and click the ‘Remove’ button.

This will remove the registry entries which enable DeskSlide to run when Windows starts up. Accept any questions and close the Performance Information and Tools Utility.

To start DeskSlide and automatically when Windows Vista starts and send it immediately to the System Tray do the following:

Right click and select Properties on the DeskSlide icon which was placed on your desktop after installation and modify it as follows. In the shortcut tab add “–hide” to the end of the program path listed in the Target field.

Your final target should look something like this.
“C:\Program Files\DeskSlide\DeskSlide.exe” –hide

Now we will make DeskSlide automatically start.

Drag the DeskSlide icon that you just modified over the Start button and wait for it to open.

Then drag the icon as if you were navigation to the ‘Startup’ category in your programs list. Then drop it into your ‘Startup’ category.

Now DeskSlide will automatically launch when windows starts!

The DeskSlide scheduler can be as simple or as complex as you like. Changes to the scheduler are immediate and do not require a restart of DeskSlide

This is essential also. For best results right click in the file list and click direction then click ‘Random.’ This will display your wallpapers in a random order.

Pros and Cons:
Something we noticed is that when you use the standard method of changing your wallpaper provided with Windows Vista, the wallpaper will show through the taskbar and when DeskSlide is used as a way to change your wallpaper it does not render the wallpaper behind the taskbar. I found this to be strange but in no way annoying. I suppose the downside is that the Windows Vista taskbar looks like a semi-gloss black bar at all times rather than picking up color from the wallpaper which would normally show behind it.

I would really like DeskSlide to show itself when the DeskSlide icon is double clicked in the system tray.

It would be nice to be able to drag and drop images or folders of images into the slide window and have them be added to the list automatically. Additionally it would be nice if DeskSlide would automatically monitor the folders and any subfolders which have already been added for newly added images. This way you could set DeskSlide and not have to fuss with adding images each time, which for some people, could be several times a day.

Currently to rebuild your list of wallpapers you open up the ‘Slide’ panel and right click over the file list and select ‘Folder Manager’ then click ‘Start.’ You will be prompted to remove current items at which point all new images will be included in your new list minus any of your Layout settings you spent so much time on configuring. That makes your decision to rebuild your slide list a big one.

DeskSlide seems to use around 5mb of system memory. That may be important for some people to know.

We are glad to see that DeskSlide isn’t trying to be everything by bundling in a screensaver module. It has always been my personal opinion that if you’re not at your computer you should set your monitor to sleep or to go into a low power mode when it is not in use. Flex your power!

We have included a portable version of DeskSlide which does not require an installation. Simply unzip the attachment and place it somewhere on your hard drive and make a shortcut following the steps described above.

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