Drawing The Head And Hands by Andrew Loomis

This is an attempt to spread Andrew Loomis’ artistic thoughts and teachings to the general public. If you do not already have an original Andrew Loomis book do yourself a favor and buy one from one of the links directly below. There is no substitute for the original. Many thanks go to un-named people who helped with this content.

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Drawing the Head and Hands can be for any artist a formitable tasks, but Andrew Loomis has taken away some that difficulty by writing and illustrating this book. Every Art School should be required to have this book on it’s reference shelf; for shear ease of language and construction of illustrations no comtemporary book on the subject comes close.

When they say they don’t write’em like that any more; they mean this book. It is currently out-of-print (a crime to students of illustration everywhere) and difficult to find, but when you do find it and open it’s pages to the inspiring black and white drawings and the encouraging and engaging instructions wrapped in old fashioned wit – you will truly see the majesty of Mr. Loomis’ talent. And if you study and apply the technics and advice given within the few short pages of this text, you will only find yourself a better artist and illustrator for having done so.

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