Masonic Facebook Timeline Cover Wallpapers

I am proud to announce that all of our wallpaper packs now come with a Facebook cover timeline wallpaper image. I took the time to add them to all of my previous Freemason Masonic wallpaper packs as well. Square and Compasses proudly showcased on each of them.  Hopefully these will add value to the existing wallpapers.

I decided to add this layout to the packs because I started seeing the wallpapers used on Facebook and they weren’t formatted correctly or someone would try to hack-it-up to make it fit. Now they’re all correctly proportioned and built specifically for Facebook.

So, some of you may be asking, why add Facebook wallpapers? Well it’s a double edged answer. On one hand, I have always been a fan of sharing with the world at large without any monetary benefit. On the other hand, I’ve recently been inundated with misuse of  these wallpapers and spend a very measurable amount of time notifying sites like eBay, CafePress, Etsy, and others of blatant copyright infringement. I understand it’s tricky situation and may seem, to those who know me, to be a bit hypocritical with the major difference being that they are selling what I have given away.

So, I’m hoping I have found a happy medium. I have added more value to the wallpapers, and now request a whole $1 to help offset the amount of time it takes me to track down, submit, and remove the offending sale of my artwork on various DIY product sale sites.

You should see some links below in the ‘Related Posts’ section with other examples of wallpapers. Or you can view the ‘Masonic’ category.

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  1. Berkely Davis Sunday - 23 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    Hey Tom your work is outstanding. My Uncles lodge is looking for a design for some t-shirts. They asked me to do the design. Can I use one of your square and compass designs?
  2. Pinwire Monday - 24 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    Berkley, Thanks for the compliment!! While I am not directly opposed to using these for lodge support, it is generally not agreeable to me for them to be sold. Please have your Uncle or the Secretary from his lodge contact me for confirmation ~ I'd like to confirm their use. Thanks again!
  3. Weldon Floyd Thursday - 27 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    I do not see a link on this page to purchase these packs or pay the $1. Give me some help please.
  4. Pinwire Friday - 28 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    Weldon, Sorry for the confusion. Rather than package up all of the facebook timeline wallpapers in one pack, I added them individually to their respective standard wallpaper packs. So, each wallpaper pack that I have now include one designed specifically for Facebook. Hope that makes sense. You should be able to see some of them at the bottom of the post, in the 'related articles' section.
  5. Eddie Dickerson Thursday - 11 / 04 / 2013 Reply
    I work for the School of Graphic Arts at the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, NC. We do all the printing for the Grand Lodge of NC and they are interested in producing some certificates for the masonic veterans in our state and using your image of the flag with a square and compass imposed on it as the background for their certificates. These will not be sold, rather they will be presented at various lodge meetings. Can we have permission to use this image for this purpose. If so, do you have a high resolution image that we can use for this purpose. Can we get written permission to do so.

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