Mont Blanc vs. Steampunk Chrono Watch

While I’m sure nobody will argue with me that Mont Blanc pens are typically garbage, it is really refreshing to see them produce something that isn’t completely injection molded. I’m pretty sure they used a mill to rough in the body of these skeleton body pens and then hand finished, which makes them truly valuable in my book. And they, of course, look totally bad ass. That being said, from a construction stand point, I don’t see anything really special going on here beyond gold tube that has been milled out and slid over a clear pen body. Sure it’s all gold. But still. A few of have that steam punk feel and they being fountain pens, makes them even more period appropriate in my opinion. I sure would like to see an italics or flex nib option on them. Oh, and don’t expect to purchase one of these for less than $20k. that’s a lot of gold! Unfortunately I was unable to find any videos of the Mont Blank Skeleton series of fountain’s on YouTube. Bummer.

In connection to fine writing instruments are some, most excellent, watches designed by Romain Jerome. ( his site is pretty graphic intensive and uses Flash, so don’t try it on an iDevice. Nice look to these and you can see some of the product marketing on both of these products below.

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