Our very own Northern Cardinal

I feel like we squeaked through on this one. I hadn’t seen a Northern Cardinal in so many years since I had moved to California where they have zero presence. But in central Texas they are thriving.

For awhile we had one Cardinal who we named ‘Basher’ because he was always battling his reflection by slamming into various windows around our house. We haven’t had a Cardinal perform any head on collisions in quite awhile.

The weight of this Cardinal has caused our bird feeder to close half way. We have it set to a pretty high sensitivity because of the Doves which like to make a royal mess by creating a shower of bird seed.

I may go out and tweak the spring just a bit so that the cardinal has an easier time getting his beak into the feeder hole. So far the only bird larger than the Cardinal that I’ve seen on the feeder is the Dove. So there may be some minor room for tension adjustment in the feeder.

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