Planes of the Head by John Asaro

Planes of the Head John AsaroThis is a fantastic companion document for those of you who already have purchased the Asaro head. The Asaro head is infinitely valuable when learning how to construct a reproduction of a human head whether made with charcoal or clay. Visit and get your life size model now.

This manual and model are designed as tools for learning in an effective and orderly progression how to draw and paint the human head. The model is applicable to both sexes and all races, with variations arising only in proportion. The left side shows the basic structure of the head’s planes as seen in a rounded and or younger face. The right side shows a more complex structure characteristic of a thinner and older face.

This has been conceived in the hope of benefiting all artists from the beginning student to the professional. It is designed for both independent and classroom use.

Through academic exercise PLANES OF THE HEAD offers a realistic approach for the understanding of light and planes in the modeling of the human head.

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