Prepare to Draw With Momentum

American Artist: October 2003

American Artist October 03 Prepare to Draw With MomentumIn a sense, Connecticut artist Deane G. Keller brings almost 75 years of experience to his drawing classes, offering the benefits of his own experience as well as that of his father, Deane Keller (1901-1992). “While I was his student at Yale University, my father filled me with a conviction about figurative art,” he reminisces. “He gave all his students as much intensity and direction as they could take while they drew the figure for eight hours a day, six days a week. “We learned how to take drawing from its beginnings, when to stop and make an appraisal, and how to get some sense of our progress. Students today aren’t as fortunate as we were to receive such exhaustive training. That’s why I reel obligated to share what I learned.”

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