VMWare – OSX – CentOS – WinXP Mashup!

For those of you who don’t already know this, VMWare is a program that will make a virtual computer, or virtual machine. Meaning it will allow you to install an operating system onto your computer which is separate from your current operating system.

I’ve been playing around with different OS’s for future website hosting platforms and found that VMWare is a great way to give operating systems a quick test drive.

After configuring VMWare to work with FreeBSD and then installing it successfully I decided that it was time to try some other operating systems.

I started with a Windows XP Professional and quickly realized that having a virtual machine of XP would be great for testing out software that I didn’t necessarily want to install on my actual workstation install. After installing XP and running all of the updates and patches, I made a copy of the Virtual Machine so that if I borked up my XP install I could just ‘roll back’ to my pristine version.

Now I can install and uninstall whatever I want into my virtual XP machine.

The next thing I wanted to try was a few different versions of Linux or Unix. FreeBSD mainly but I wandered over to CentOS 5 for some testing. The install went great and I was surprised how pretty the installer was. Once it was installed I was impressed at how responsive it was.

The next one was OSX on x86 running in a VMWare environment.

I pulled out my OSX DVD and began to install. After doing some special configuration of VMWare to run OSX I got it all installed. I ran into some issues with speed but resolved them with a quick Google. Basically I had to remove AppleTPMACPI.kext located in /System/Library/Extensions/ and reboot the machine. Which made it much much more responsive.

The next thing was to get the networking. So, again, Google to the rescue. I downloaded some drivers and mounted them to the CDRom and ran the install script and then another reboot. After that the networking was running great also.

I am still having some issues getting FireFox running properly. And I haven’t looked into a fix for the sound yet.

Here are the final fruits of my endeavors. I’ll probably not do much more with OSX and will probably remove CentOS and use only FreeBSD.

I don’t know why my capture program placed a large black box around the mouse cursor when I captured the VMWare session with ScreenFlash.

Here are some websites I found usefull during this project:



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