Wacom windows stylus single click fix

I have a pretty dynamic workspace at our office here at Visual Moxie, HiveDrive and Pinwire. I often used Windows Remote Desktop protocol to access various workstations and servers from laptops and even my iPhone. And we run all flavors of Windows. In particular, my workstation runs, Windows 7. One of the things that happen quite often, with no regular reason, is that my Wacom Tablet on my workstation starts acting strange. The behavior is mostly limited to the single and double click nib and button. Suddenly when I press down with the nib on the stylus I get a double click action instead of a single click or drag and drop option. The button on the stylus goes wonky too.

To remedy this I wrote a small batch file which I keep on my desktop that stops and then restarts the Wacom Tablet Service and Tablet PC Input Services. A few seconds later the tablet and Stylus are working perfectly.

All you need to do is place the following lines of text into a batch file. To make a batch file, right+click your mouse and creat a new Text file. Copy and paste the contents below into the new Text file and save it. Then rename the file to whatever you like and change the file extension from .txt to .bat and you’re done!

If your tablet start’s giving you grief then double click the new batch file and it will reset the drivers for the tablet. If it doesn’t work right away…be sure to try running the batch file as Administrator by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Run as Administrator.’

net stop "TabletServiceWacom"
net start "TabletServiceWacom"
net stop "Tablet PC Input Service"
net start "Tablet PC Input Service"

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