A little game for you



The rules are simple:
Click and drag the red block, avoiding all of the blue blocks and the border for as long as you can.

>> Play The Game <<

little-gameA friend of ours got a Wii and it came with some games and one of them was a game where you move this thing around on the screen and avoid these ghosts. It instantly reminded me of this little javascript game that I found like 2 years ago. this is the same game but the graphics are way more crappy.

Someone should dress this up and turn it into a flash game or make some shareware title based on this.

I have never been able to get over around 23 seconds. I have tried dozens of times. The game chugs a little bit in Internet Explorer so you may want to try in Firefox or Chrome.

Too bad it doesn’t have a hall of fame area. I’m sure someone could take the time score popup and stuff it into a page…anyway. Maybe a project for some bored programmer or flash actionscript guru.


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