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Pinwire recently added the popular Sharebar plugin to our website which runs on the uber popular WordPress platform. You can see the bar to the left of every article on our website.

By the way…CLICK SOMETHING ON IT… if you haven’t already.

While the Sharebar plugin has a good amount of functionality built in, it also doesn’t allow you to access code like PHP or anything too complicated. This downfall of the plugin reared its head when I wanted to add the super awesome Pinterest button to the Sharebar.

Pinterest has a few different Follow or Pin It buttons on their website at but none of them worked in the Sharebar plugin.

It would be really swell to pull in the permalink, page titles as well as custom field or first post image and have a real ‘Pin It’ button in both a narrow and tall version. But alas,  until the plugin developer ads support for adding raw code into the plugin it’s not gunna happen.

The work around for adding the Pinterest button to Sharebar for WordPress is as follows:


Copy the code above into the ‘Add New’ button area of your Sharebar plugin in both the Big and Small button fields. Double check that the new Pinterest button has been enabled and is in the correct position on your bar. This is the code that is attached to the ‘Pin It’ bookmark button but only wrapped in an anchor href tag.

Now when a visitor clicks the Pin It button in your Sharebar you they will be presented with their choice if images to Pin as well as all of the other features Pinterest offers.

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Comments (34)

  1. Shannon @ aka design Friday - 06 / 01 / 2012 Reply
    Awesome - thank you so much!!!! Found you via Shannon
  2. Stormy @Maoomba Thursday - 26 / 01 / 2012 Reply
    Thank you for the work-around! It's the only one I've tried that actually works.
  3. Brian Hawkins Saturday - 11 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Thanks Tom, it worked like a charm. I'd rather have the larger vertical button with the share count but this will do just fine for now.
  4. Justin Germino Monday - 13 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Been searching for this functionality and your code on this post was the only one that worked.
  5. Christopher Stewart Monday - 13 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Thanks so much for posting this. I have been trying to find a way to make the Pinterest button work in Sharebar and this works perfectly. It would be cool to add a count bubble to the button but for now this is great. Thanks
  6. David Friday - 17 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Excellent solution, thanks. Just to clarify, there is no way to get the counter to work above the Pin It button?
    • Pinwire Friday - 17 / 02 / 2012 Reply
      David, I am working on a few things to get it to work. The main issue is that Sharebar won't let you stuff any PHP into the custom button field. If they did, then I could make it work no problem. But the biggest issue is that pinterest is for pinning images..and if your post doesn't have any images then you're out of luck. So...everyone...from now on, be sure your posts have at least one image. What I'll do is release this code, once it's completed, in the near future which you will add to your functions.php which will allow the pinterest button with the little bubble above it....I just need time. I'm self employed, so I follow the 'billable hour' trail all day. Donations appreciated. :)
  7. Dima Friday - 17 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Awesome, thanks. How woud you put a vertical count button, though?
  8. Sam Saturday - 18 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Thanks a lot for that.. I was trying since morning to figure out how to have PinIt pickup the URL and other nasty stuff.. really helped :)
  9. Lori Lynn Smith Wednesday - 22 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Easy as 1, 2, 3 thanks!
  10. Pinwire Wednesday - 22 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Ok..a quick update on the Pin It vertical button with the counter bubble attached to it. I have it working but the major drawback is that it doesn't allow you to pick which image you want to pin. It will first grab your 'featured image', the one built into wordpress, and if there isn't one, then it grabs the first image in your post. So, I'm on the fence about it even being useful at all...if you have a bunch of images on a post, then your visitors won't be able to pick and choose which one to pin. What are your thoughts?
    • Andrew Tuesday - 06 / 03 / 2012 Reply
      Ah, yeah it might be cool to know how to do that for the time being but I agree -- the goal is certainly to have it access all images on a post
    • Lori Lynn Smith Wednesday - 07 / 03 / 2012 Reply
      I would be interested in the code as is... I always use a featured image. But agree that long term being able to pick would be awesome.
  11. Ryan Thursday - 23 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Sweet. Worked like a charm. :)
  12. Niall Friday - 24 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Thanks for this tip! Much easier than trying to figure it out myself!
  13. Andrea Wednesday - 29 / 02 / 2012 Reply
    Wow! You made my day. Thank you very much.
  14. zach Friday - 02 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    you rock thanks!
  15. rajee Tuesday - 06 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    It doesn't work for me :( Can you please send the correct code by email?
    • Pinwire Wednesday - 07 / 03 / 2012 Reply
      The reason it's not working is because you're not using the code above.. It looks like you are using the code for the vertical button from and that just won't work in the Sharebar plugin.
  16. rajee Tuesday - 13 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    Do you have the code for the vertical button from Thanks, Rajee
    • zach Tuesday - 13 / 03 / 2012 Reply
      Yea i would be interested in this as well!
  17. Summer of Andy Saturday - 17 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    This is a good alternative, but I definitely would love to have the vertical Pin it button work on my posts. You can actually add the URL and title into the vertical Pin it button code using [url] and [title] within the edit feature of sharebar. Unfortunately, I haven't found any way to get the featured image to display when you click on the Pin it button. Sort of have it working on my site except for the image... if interested, take a look at any of my blog posts:
    • Pinwire Sunday - 18 / 03 / 2012 Reply
      I see you got your featured image loaded up in the pinterest code. Did you create a short code or do it some other way? I had stopped work on the pin button with the bubble because of other things that popped up but now I'm back on it.
  18. Chaunce Dolan Thursday - 22 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    I have tried using your code but I get an error window message that says "Sorry, couldn't find any large images or video on this page." There are images on the page, a few in fact Why are other people able to get it working yet, I am getting this error. All of the images are hosted on our server as you can see from the source code. Any help would be appreciated.
    • Pinwire Friday - 23 / 03 / 2012 Reply
      Chaunce, I just tried the pin button on your site and it worked fine.... did you get it worked out?
      • Chaunce Dolan Friday - 23 / 03 / 2012 Reply
        That's odd. It wasn't working, so I gave up and left the comment. But it is working now. It must have been a cached version of the page or something. Thanks for your assistance. I wil be posting up an article about how to post the button and will link back to this article. It was very helpful
      • Chaunce Dolan Friday - 23 / 03 / 2012 Reply
        Nice repurpose of the Pinterest Bookmarklet, just figured that out.
  19. Jeremy Tuesday - 27 / 03 / 2012 Reply
    This looks awesome, for some reason it isn't working for me. The button shows up, but clicking it does nothing.
    • Jeremy Wednesday - 28 / 03 / 2012 Reply
      I guess information is helpful - website is I have the Pin button up right now
  20. Anthony McQueen Sunday - 20 / 05 / 2012 Reply
    Got the vertical bar working. Instead of adding html, use shortcode for your links, description and image like: url=[url]&media=[thumbnail]&description=[title]. For my site I used the custom fields shortcode plugin, and created custom fields on my post for what I want to work with the pinterest code which looks like media=[cf]thumbnail[/cf] Live blog example:
    • Pinwire Sunday - 20 / 05 / 2012 Reply
      That's a nice workaround. But it still requires that you have a featured image rather than being able to grab any particular image on the page. I guess that's the trade off for having the bubble.
  21. Anthony McQueen Sunday - 20 / 05 / 2012 Reply
    Using that method you could really use any image you wanted, the image on that post for example is a theme place image vs a featured image. For example, you could create a custom field called "pinimage" and for the value of the field, put in the URL to any image. In your sharebar settings for the pin it button, you would use media=[cf]pinimage[/cf]. Be sure to install the plugin first. On the above example, there is no featured image set for the post. The thumbnail image is a theme property that calls from the custom field "Thumbnail". I just used the same custom field for the plugin.
  22. Astro Gremlin Monday - 20 / 08 / 2012 Reply
    Tom, thank you, thank you, thank you! Been fooling around with the Pinterest code and trying to use it with Sharebar for an hour and failing (yes, I'm stubborn). Then I got smart and searched for an answer. Thank goodness I found your blog.
  23. Eloff Perez Sunday - 16 / 09 / 2012 Reply
    Tom, Thank you for passing on this helpful information. I wasted about 2 hrs trying to figure out how to add the pin it button to sharebar. I appreciate you very much! Can I hire you for tech support? Lol (I'm really serious)

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