James Swanson looks like Sylar from Heroes!

I was looking for a website which I could input a new website we built and it would hopefully return a usable full page screenshot. After a short Google search I found which totally exceeds my needs. I wish there was donate button on the site somewhere!


From there I went to the About page and then surfed on over to which is a site that archives the front page of various international newspapers. Awesome project. I hope it lasts. Anyway I went to the home page of the site and saw a photo of a dude that looks like Sylar from Heroes (

James Swanson - Sylar Look-a-likeSylar - James Swanson Look-a-Like

Then I was hit with all sorts of weird realizations… The author of ‘Chasing Lincoln’s Killer, James Swanson, happens to look similar to the Sylar character from Heroes. James Swanson also happens to look like Christopher Reeves, Clark Kent character from the Superman movies, who later had several cameo appearances on the TV show Smallville where his character name was Dr. Swan!

If you happen to think that Sylar looks like someone or something else then you should, without a doubt, check out this post. Sylar looks like a camel! Sourced from Resembles.

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