Photo and Link Dumps Coming to Pinwire!

I like so many people, browse the web on and off all day during work and off hours. People send me ‘things’ and I look at them and save a shortcut to the website to review at a later time when I have more time. The thing is… I never have more time. I’m always moving on to some other task or reading some other website that is entertaining at that moment.

I tried using several different systems to catalog links for sites. Link directories, website submission tools and so on. I know there are sites like Digg and so on which serve this market perfectly. But I want something less epic and they don’t allow me to save images or other downloads. I even opened up with a friend Nick Z. many years ago to archive images and artwork from around the web.

Simply put, technology and related topics move too fast and I cannot effectively keep up. So, what I’ve decided to do is to make an effort to collect my favorite images and stuff and post it each Friday. At the same time, I’ll try to post a link dump for sites that I may consider revisiting later, with keywords of course.


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