Rex Rod Photo Retouch

Quite often I am asked to do photo retouching for various friends and family members. Recently I did a touch up on a photo of a car belonging to my uncle Rex. I thought it may be nice to share the before and after for you to see.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I did with the help of Adobe Photoshop. I removed the vehicles on the left side of the photos using the Clone tool. That was a pretty straight forward task as the hill side provided me with plenty of background stamping opportunities.

I then began to remove the bush near the rear tire by lassoing various parts of the car and pasting them over the parts of the car which were occluded by the bush. Finally I made a simple lasso selection and cloned the dirt under the car where the bush sprouted from the earf. Final touchup included using the smudge tool to rub out some of the JPEG artifacts. All in all it was a short project taking maybe a total of 20 minutes.


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