The Hilton Brothers make Sawdust

Mike, Andrew, and Dan Hilton stopped by to play in the woodshop at FossilBluff. We put some pine wood on the Jet Mini  lathe and proceeded to make some sawdust.

We ended up with three little baseball bats at the end of the session.

This video was filmed using an iPhone 3G with the Free Ustream app. While the 3G will not record video out of the box there are several apps which have exploited work arounds to record video. After recording I went to my account at the Ustream website and downloaded the raw Flash video files (.FLV). I then used ‘Free FLV Converter‘ to transcode the flash video into AVI files. I joined the videos to together and added a short introduction and ending using Windows Live Movie Maker. At this point I could have uploaded the video directly to Youtube but I wanted to go the extra mile convert the video back to .FLV to speed up the encoding process at Youtube.

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