The Obama Deception

Again, I post a link to this video with hesitation for fear of inciting a backlash from Obama worshipers. However I think that this video covers some VERY important topics related to where our country is headed and how the leaders of our once great nation are actually acting as puppets and being directed by the leaders or Campaign Contributors as I like to call them, of multi-national corporations.

Obama’s staff reads as a Who’s-Who of corporate CEO’s each driven to mangle the Constitution to the benefit of the corporations they represent.

This is a long movie. No doubt about it. It would be hard to cover all of this material in any shorter amount of time. I encourage Alex Jones to invest in breaking down the topics and chapters into longer individual movies. He won’t be able to keep making these kinds of eye opening movies unless you contribute at his website Buy his video or subscribe to his website for only $5.00 a month and download the movie and copy it to as many DVD’s as you can manage to hand out to everyone you meet.

It is imperative that you pass this link along to as many people as you can. And PLEASE understand that I wish everyone to see this as it relates to our Country and it’s destitute future and NOT an attack against Barack Obama the  person, his race, or religon.

It’s time to wake up people.

Put together a plan of action and get involved.


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