Camping and Geocaching with a view

We went camping at Wheeler Gorge in Oaji California a few weeks ago and I completely forgot about these photos I took. We decided to take BigRed (Isuzu Rodeo) out for a spin and perhaps pick up a few Geocaches on the way. I didn’t use a tripod for these photos so there is some weierdness with the mashup’s for the panorama. But it’s convincing enough.

We were parked right here: View Google Map If you zoom out you’ll see the large white rocks at the top of the map.

Use your mouse to and drag the image side to side. If you want to zoom hold down your middle mouse button and move the mouse.

I know it’s old technology but it’s still fun to diddle with.

Place your mouse over the image and click + drag. That ‘should’ cause the image to pan left and right.


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