Swine Flu Caused and Allowed to Spread

president-flipe-caldron-barack-obamaAn article at Yahoo! quotes how “The Mexican government issued a decree authorizing President Felipe Calderon to invoke special powers letting the Health Department isolate patients and inspect homes, incoming travelers and baggage.” And the particular strain of Influenza contains avian influenza. This is not the first attempt at introducing the Bird Flu to the global population. See this article at The Right Perspective.

While there have been speculations that an Avian pandemic is going to happen there have been few people asked how it would come to pass. The answer is simple. People can’t normally accept virus’ containing animal DNA except for some viruses from pigs. It has been known for some time that pig organs are compatible with human organs. A quick Google search returned this page titled “Pig-to-Human Transplants on the Horizon

It is my opinion that one possible way you could spread a pandemic would be to infect a pig with another animal virus like the avian influenza A (H5N1). Then culture the virus from a pig for use in the human population. Or in this case one with Swine Influenza which is easily transferable to humans.

Many of you are still unaware of the U.S. government’s covert operation against the citizens of the U.S. With our increased involvement in Canada and Mexico, assisting in the never ending fight against drugs, our government is looking for any way possible to set foot inside of our homes. The main stream U.S. media is backing the agenda to destroy our 2nd amendment rights. Mexico’s president is setting a precedent. This possible flu epidemic, which will not be allowed to stop, will give the U.S. government, backed by the media, the thumbs up to continue their violations of the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution.

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