The Jade that just won’t quit

Some of you may remember when we brought some huge Jade stalks to one of the meetings. Well here are the photos of the plant that they were taken from and the progress of the plant so far.

I would like to say that I’m not particularly fond of Jade and I don’t much care for how readily you can break the stalks from over bending. However, I will say that I do get some satisfaction from cutting into huge branches with no concern as to whether or not the plant will survive. Also you can propagate new Jade plants endlessly with the cuttings.

Basically we all suffered from that nasty cold snap a few months ago. Well this Jade was a victim also.

This photo shows the plant after we had trimmed off all of the dead parts from the freeze. This trimming resulted in a massive trim on the back side of the plant which is not visible in the photo because of the way the plant is turned. However once we were done trimming we decided that we would see if the stumps left on the back side of the plant would start to break new buds. If they did then we would trim the plant back to a few stumps and start fresh.

This made sense because in its current state we had a very lopsided plant and if new growth started it would not be in balance with the rest of the plant.

As expected the stumps started to produce new buds and at that time we chopped off the rest of the green except for one small trunk just so we would have something green to look at.

Now the Jade is budding like crazy. I’ll let it go for a few more weeks and then start to remove new growth that I don’t like.

Some of the larger stumps close to the soil never had a chance to really dry out properly and some of them grew some mold.

This species of Jade grows buds almost directly related to sun exposure. When taking these photos I now see that I need to rotate the plant to encourage some growth in different areas.



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