What does a tree nut allergy mean?

What does a tree nut allergy mean?
nut fruit isolated compositionIf a child has a peanut allergy, there is an increased likelihood that the child can develop a tree nut allergy. Most experts suggest that people allergic to tree nuts avoid peanuts as well.

Tree nuts can be especially dangerous because they are hidden in so many places where you might not expect to find them. Tree nuts often show up in lotions and shampoos, so beware.

Read Labels Carefully!
Common names of tree nuts/Always contains it 
Macadamia nuts
Brazil nuts
Pine nuts
hickory nuts
Beech nut*
Ginko nut*
Lichee nut*
Pili nut*
natural nut extract
artificial nuts
nut meal
caponatanut meat
nut oil
nut paste (such as almond paste)
gianduja (a nut mixture in some chocolate)
nut pieces
marzipan/almond paste
nan-gai nuts
nut butters
Other names for tree nuts
Anacardium nuts
Mandelonas (e.g. peanuts that have been altered to look and taste like tree nuts)
Marzipan (almond paste)
Nu-Nuts ™ (e.g. peanuts that have been altered to look and taste like tree nuts)
Nut meats


Common Sources/Foods Containing Tree Nuts
Artificial nuts (peanuts altered to look and taste like almonds, pecans and walnuts)
Baked goods (cakes, cereal bars, cookies, doughnuts, energy/granola bars, muffins, pastries)
Baking mixes, cereals, crackers, muesli
Coffee grinders
Chinese food
Gianduja (chocolate and chopped nuts mixture found in premium or imported chocolate and ice cream)
Ice cream/frozen desserts/frozen yogurts/sundae toppings
Natural flavorings and extracts
Nut butter
Nut-flavored coffee/liqueurs
Sauces (barbeque, pesto, Worcestershire)
Salads (Waldorf salad, curried chicken)
Spreads (almond paste, cheese, chocolate nut, nougat, Nutella)
Trail mixes
Non-food sources of tree nuts
Hacky sacks
Bird seed
Cosmetics, hair care products, lotions
Pet food

As always, use extra precaution when eating out at restaurants or eating foods prepared by others.

*As of 10/2006, the FDA has added these as tree nuts for the purposes of FALCPA (Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act). See your doctor to be tested for an allergy to any of these nuts.

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