Kony 2012 : Make Him Famous

Some of you may have taken notice of the Kony 2012 banner ribbon that is at the top right of every page at Pinwire. If you haven’t clicked it yet, we recommend you do so now!

Pinwire and Visual Moxie partnered to build a WordPress plugin with the hope of raising awareness of the atrocities and crimes against humanity that are happening in Uganda. And most importantly, the abuse of children.

Your website will showcase a ribbon at the top right just like the one here at Pinwire and many other sites around the world which links directly to the Kony 2012 website where you can get more information about how we must remove this person from power.

The goal of the plugin and the Kony 2012 project is to raise awareness of the existence of the LRA and Joseph Kony but literally making him ‘Famous.’ So famous, that he can’t hid his face anywhere. Put aside your other causes, just for a short time, and pick this one up. Together we can catch this guy.

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