Who’s Your Candidate?

Glassbooth LogoNow that we’re finally less than a year away from the next Presidential election, those of us with political leanings (and even those of us without) can finally settle on a candidate.

However, in a news atmosphere that increasingly relies on tasty soundbites instead of the “droll” facts we actually need, many have found the internet to be the only place they can rely on for the plethora of facts, information and history that they want about the candidates.

I was recently forwarded a website that seems to be an answer to the need for one place with a large amount of information.  You simply rate different social and economic issues according to their importance to you.  It then gives you a series of questions that relate to those issues.  You rate those questions on a scale from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree”.  There is also an option of skipping the question, which I recommend if there is any ambiguity as to what the questions means.  As an added bonus, there are several links in most of the questions for those of us without much political prowess.

So who’s my candidate?  Ron Paul was my man, though he was closely followed by someone whose name I was completely unfamiliar with.  This was just one more reason I liked this site; exposure to lesser known candidates is always a positive thing.


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