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Have you ever wondered how to configure a domain so that it jumps to another? Well in this short tutorial we’ll show you how to do it using the free service

Hello again. This time we are going to do a demonstration on how to configure a Webhop domain at a free DNS service.

You should already have a domain registered and made sure to set your DNS server names to match the list provided on the home page.

What is a Webhop? A webhop domain is used when you want to forward your domain to another domain or web page. This can be helpful if you have a domain that is hard to spell an example would be as follows.

Let’s say you registered the domain and you find that everyone keeps misspelling it as Clearly you want to use a webhop to direct those people to the correct domain name.




Steps to make a webhop at


1. Setup the DNS server names for your domain.
2. Create and account and login to
3. Enter domain to redirect into the (basic) field.
4. Check the button to ‘Make domain a webhop to’
5. Enter in the destination URL (including http://)
6. Click the ‘>>advanced’ button

NOTE: Be sure to repeat step 3 this time adding www in front of the domain name.


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