The Long Road v4.0

Most of you aren’t aware of the changes that I’ve made to Pinwire over the years. I’ve tried to keep the modifications fairly transparent. This is the 4th version of the site I’ve made and I hope it will last for a few years.

Pinwire Version 3A few years ago I added the books section which had downloads of some really good content. The result was that it became the main draw for visitors to the site and NO ONE ever posted to the forum. And honestly why should they…when you have sites like CGTalk and Concept Art wanting all of your attention.

Last check there are 3000+ users registered on the site. and 99.9% of them just come for the books. This has helped me realize what people are really after. Put simply. Downloads.

So we’re adding a file hosting service and trashing the forums. Of course we’ll watermark your images but at least you’ll have a place for your images when you want to post on a forum.

All of our authors also will have blogs. Lot’s of flexibility and hopefully people will come to make a home for themselves

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