Things are rolling right along

Rolling Right AlongOk. The download issue has been fixed. Now you have to enter in a little password to get the file. Works great and it’s not to invasive.

Things on the list to finish up so I can cut the site over are:

Locate a link management app that will integrate easily and allow for link submissions.

Get the event calendar all themed up and put in the right place so that people can submit their events and all that good stuff.

Migrate the books over keeping in mind to also bring over the even more obfuscated download function. Should be to bad. Just …another… step for the visitor to get the file. I have to do it though to cover my ass.

Write up some docuemntation for features and terms of use. BoRiNg…

Keep in mind people that this is all brought to you by the google ads see every now and then on the site. I’ve made a total of $12 this year. That’s right $12. Now I can go buy a fat 50 stack of DVD-R’s.


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