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This is an old system I used to use to convert FLT files to a format readable by MAX. Not to common but good for archival purposes.

The following is a functioning path from the Open Flight format (.FLT) to VRML (.WRL) using Viewpoint Interchange. The result is a model which can be imported to 3DS Max. A .WRL file is a ASCII text file that can be opened with notepad. Call it flt2max or flt2wrl…whatever you call it….it works. By: Tom McGuire

Find your content.

Find your .FLT files and the associated texture files. For best resluts bundle them all up into one directory. Once the conversion is complete you can modify the paths to your textures with your 3D application.

Load your FLT model into Creator if you don’t know the names of the textures your model requires.

Convert your textures. 

Find the textures for your model and convert them to a format that your environment will be able to read. TGA is a good format because it supports ALPHA channel capability.

When saving your texures be sure to save them as 32bit TGA’s if the texture has an alpha channel.



Open Interchange.

1. Browse to the location of your .FLT files.
2. Set your import Format type.
3. Check the options.
4. Clear any recent converted files.
5. Select your file and click “Add”
6. Set your Export Format type.
7. Check the options.
8. Browse to the destination for your file.
9. Click “Convert”

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