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Andrew Loomis - Figure Drawing For All It's WorthThis is an attempt to spread Andrew Loomis’ artistic thoughts and teachings to the general public. If you do not already have an original Andrew Loomis book do yourself a favor and buy one from one of the links directly below. There is no substitute for the original. Many thanks go to un-named people who helped with this content.

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This is an old book; the figures often wear outmoded hairstyles, the female nudes often are decked out in t-strap heels (who knows why?). Forget that, you won’t care. This is arguably the best all-encompassing handbook on how to draw people ever!! It covers scale of figures, perspective, the figure in almost any position, anatomy, children, separate sections on hands and faces, and even the effects of clothing on the figure. Written with a practical but light hand and occasional humor, there is simply nothing like this book. If you could only have one book on how to draw ANYTHING, never mind the human figure, this would be the book to buy

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