Article Guidelines

We are seeking fresh and interesting articles related to any of our categories that would be helpful to those visiting our web site. If you, your organization or web site have related articles, consider sharing your content as a chance to expand your exposure among our visitors. And you keep all copyrights.

We are accepting articles (or links to articles) on general topics and issues relating to the categories listed to the left of the website. We like to see articles with a minimum of three paragraphs. Generally, articles average 5 to 6 paragraphs.

Every article should contain an introduction which establishes the subject that you will address. The introduction should summarize your topic and lead them into your article on the topic. It is helpful, although not essential, to use a conversational tone and to itemize the key points of the article.

Who is eligible to submit articles?
We welcome contributions with original content from individuals or organization involved in any aspect of world culture. You can submit once, or become a regular contributor, or just submit articles whenever you have material ready. All you need to do is register. And one of our staff will contact you regarding the review your application.

Please have your articles proofread by a native English speaker before submission. The staff of attempts to edit submissions for proper grammar, but this is extremely time consuming. We all have full time day jobs and it’s very difficult to take on copyediting, as well. I’ve seen too many submissions squeeze by with poor grammar: misuse of articles, incorrect punctuation, and sentences without verbs—in short, lacking Basic English. You may be thinking, “It’s a news site, no one cares if the English is correct or not”. The truth is that poor grammar greatly detracts from the professionalism and credibility of the site. People reading the article might say to themselves, “Hey, if this person can’t write accurately, then how do I know if their information is any good?” In the future we will have proofreaders who tackle some of these issues. But for now, please ask a proficient friend to check your article.

Copying and Pasting Articles from a Word Document
Please DO NOT do this. Copying an article from a word document and pasting it into the Content Publisher is a “no no”. Word adds a lot of unwanted HTML tags to the document. What you should do is copy and paste the contents of your word document into Notepad and then copy and paste the contents of Notepad into the Content Publisher. If for some reason you MUST paste from word please make use of the ‘Paste from MS Word’ tool shown in the dropdown menu of the Paste icon.

What authors get in return:

  • Exposure for you and/or your organization. At the bottom of each article there will be a link to your site (if you have one) with a brief description about yourself, your organization or your site. This is a great way to expand your online presence and receive extra exposure.
  • Giving others a helping hand.
  • Keep Your Copyright. We just want your permission to use your content on By submitting your content, you give us permission. All posted non-link articles (content resides on server) will contain a copyright notice.

What gets:

  • Fresh content for our visitors.
  • Your permission to publish your article on (you retain all copyrights).
  • Submissions are reviewed within four weeks and if accepted will appear in an appropriate articles sections. reserves the right to reject any article submissions (or links) that are deemed inappropriate or irrelevant. All articles are edited for length, content, and / or other appropriate reasons.

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