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MiaIf you are like my daughter its not easy finding a good recipe for a sweet treat. Gluten Free just doesn’t cut it – It must be Corn-Free, Egg-Free, Casein/Milk- Free, Citrus Free and the list goes on.

When I have found recipes – there is always a hitch, finding a corn-free baking powder or a corn free food coloring…who wants plain white cupcakes – not my 3 1/2 year old – she wants pink!!

I have complied here our solution to her dietary needs and then end result? Success!

Cupcake (or Cake) Recipe

gluten free cupcake recipeI started out with a Gluten Free Cake Mix then I made these substitutions:

  1. For 1 stick of butter = Earth Balance (next time I am going to try Ghee – I hear it is fabulous but I have not tested it with my daughter yet to see if she has any reaction but I am excited to try).
  2. Used Gluten Free Vanilla
  3. Recipe from the mix called for 3 eggs (when I read this I cringe because that is a lot of eggs to substitute). I used 1 banana to equal 1 egg and I used 2/3 cup of applesauce for the other 2 eggs (1/3 cup for each egg).

This is the fun part. I got all the ingredients all ready and laid out – had my daughter put on her apron (and princess crown with her face painted like a clown) and she mixed all the ingredients together after putting them in the bowl. Since there are no eggs she can eat the batter too – BONUS!

I decided to use the Mini-Cupcake pan. This way we have lots of cupcakes that I can freeze so when we are invited somewhere that is going to have desserts I can simply whip out the cupcake from the freezer and VOILA! Homemade Cupcake!

After filling all the cupcakes with batter we sprinkled some EnjoyLife Chocolate Chips on top – why not right?? Here is the Allergen Information NO TRANS FAT, NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, VEGAN, KOSHER PAREVE, GLUTEN-FREE, CASEIN-FREE!

We popped the cupcakes in the oven and moved onto the Icing!


Gluten Free CupcakeIn a Mixer add the following:

  1. 1/4 Cup Almond Milk, I used vanilla version but you can use any milk substitution you like (or real milk if you do not have an allergy)
  2. 1 tbs Gluten Free Vanilla
  3. Whole Bag of Whole Foods 365 Brand of Confectioners Sugar (it is made with Tapioca Starch instead of CornStarch – Thank you Whole Foods!)
  4. 1 stick of Butter = I used Earth Balance
  5. Red Food Coloring for Pink Icing (I found some that does not have corn in it, or you can use coloring from a food source – see list below)

Mix together until the confectioner sugar blends in, I would mix for at least 5 minutes if you are using something like the Kitchen Aid mixer. You will notice that the icing will start to become a nice stiff consistency – you will know it is done. This yields a TON of icing, again I plan on freezing it so I can use if for my frozen cupcakes!

Enjoy!!! Hopefully this article can make it easier for other Moms and people who deal with Food Allergies!

Fruits n Veggies n Spices to Use for Natural Food Colorings:

Juiced: kale, parsley, spinach, romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, watercress….
Boiled green veggies, using the water/juice will give you a much lighter green color

Juiced berries
Juiced cranberries
Juiced beets
Juiced red pepper
Juiced tomato, choose dark red tomatoes
rhubarb juiced or boiled
pomegranate juice
chile powder or paprika powder

juiced blueberries
juiced or boiled red cabbage
juiced radicchio
juiced eggplant skin
frozen, fresh or juiced blackberries
acai juice
juiced(or smashed and strained) black/purple grapes

Juiced yellow beets
juiced yellow bell pepper
boiled yellow beets (lighter color)
juiced pineapple
juiced carrots
tumeric powder
warm-water soaked/bloomed saffron

coffee powder
cocoa powder

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