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It finally happened. I managed to drive my 1994 Acura Vigor 200,000 miles! The car has been very good to me and my family with only a few minor breakdowns, the radiator, and AC blower motor. As any Vigor owner will tell you, they’re a pleasure to drive and they have just enough torque to make you giggle.

I had little time to prepare for this occasion and opted not to wash the car before starting to film. I hope for many more years of use and hope some of the other Vigor owners will get a chuckle from this as well.

By the way, the song is from the PC demo scene back in 1993. The composer is Purple Motion and you can watch the original on YouTube at this demo was a marvel of technology, there weren’t any physics engines, no level builders, and if you had seen it in 1993 you would have been stunned. Not so much now. But for some of us this demo is still burned into our memories.

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