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This is a pretty nerdy post and will probably only be digestible to people who are shutterbugs or 3D Artists. I have been waiting a long time to see HDR video. While HDR (High Dynamic Range Image also known as HDRI) has been around for quite some time I have been salivating over the possibilities it would bring to the motion graphics field. Examples and explanation of HDR Imaging. Watch the video here.

Soviet Montage Productions has come up with a fantastic example of how HDR can be used in video. While this video occasionally pushes the HDR effect a little too far, a trained lighting specialist or director of photography type of person could dial this in to look really sweet.

As you might expect, the HDR video looks almost exactly like HDR images. The staff at Soviet Montage Productions used two Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR’s and a splitter that allows each cell to see exactly the same scene. They won’t tell us details about the post processing process, but I am confident there will be an ‘application’ which will handle the details and take the hard work out of the final production process.


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