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Throughout the years I have produced a lot of useful and entertaining code, content, humorous stories, essays, articles, websites, graphics, and most of all a special kind of computer tech support that you simply cannot get from a retailer.

Working on these creations and endeavors takes a lot of time and requires skills that I have acquired over the decades. I do it because it gives me great pleasure, usually, without the consideration of financial gain. However it turns out I would like to see some appreciation beyond a ‘spit and a handshake.’

So if my assistance has benefited you in some way, please consider donating!

If you would rather not make a direct monetary donation please visit my Kaboodle Wishlist.

How will I use your Donation?

  1. Financing the physical infrastructure for my creations.
  2. Save for my daughters braces.
  3. Save some of it in case I need it.
  4. Spend it on nice things for my friends, my family and me.

So, don’t delay – donate today!