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Krash Course Capullo McFarlane
Welcome to Krash Course, all you future comic gods. This course has been designed to give you all the weapons you’ll need in order to draw your own bombastic comic books.


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  • Aaron

    Page didn’t reload with the link to Greg Capullo’s Krash Course

    • Pinwire

      Aaron, sometimes the little Facebook widget takes a little bit to load. It should have been the one in the blue box directly below the Donate button. Is that the one that didn’t work correctly?

  • Yi-Long

    Liked the page, but the download-link doesn’t show up for me either. Not in IE, not in Chrome, not after multiple F5’s.

    Very disappointing that it doesn’t seem to work.

  • Aaron

    The problem was I clicked on the fackebook button on the left side. Once I clicked on the facebook button over to the right, I was able to submit my email address to obtain the email link information. The only issue now is when i click on the link from my email to access it, it doesn’t work. thanks.

  • Besath

    This facebook thing doesn’t seem to work for me either.

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