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If you’ve known me for a really long time then you know I’ve been a fan of Special Makeup Effects from an early age. There is a special place for SFX in my heart that goes far beyond any computer graphics. Mainly that it is a physical process and that you can manifest what you are thinking into something real, 3D printers, and other point & click rapid prototype machines aside. 🙂

There are a few movies that stand out to and that are on my list of favorites. Whether they be gore, horror, science fiction, or fantasy. Pan’s Labyrinth is near the top of my list (IMDB Listing).

Here are some behind the scenes of the process of sculpting, casting and application of the various makeup effects applications for the Faun character in Pan’s Labyrinth.

To see this character in motion is a real treat. Be sure to watch the trailer above. And of course…comments are welcome.

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