HOT 93.3 Goes Quiet in Austin TX

HOT 93.3 FM went dark today in Austin Texas. I estimate their outage lasted 2+ hours. They went back on the air at precisely 2:45 PM 7/16/2009.
Every so often you would hear a man with a Scottish accent chant a series of numbers. It was just like a scene out of LOST. But the strange sequence of numbers also sounded like an IP address. So, I jogged over to my portable and typed in the IP and up came a nice web interface from some audio streaming hardware called BARIX EXSTREAMER (


I am fairly certain that this IP address is tied to the radio station since it was broadcasting to the entire Austin TX greater metropolitan area. I can’t figure out however what the administrator of this piece of hardware is thinking by not locking it down with some password protection.

The IP traces to a location in Littleton Colorado. Perhaps a sister station? At any rate. The device doesn’t appear to be tied to their live broadcasts or their streaming content at HOT 93.3 FM (

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