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Creative Illustration Andrew Loomis

This is an attempt to spread Andrew Loomis’ artistic thoughts and teachings to the general public. If you do not already have an original Andrew Loomis book do yourself a favor and buy one from one of the links directly below. There is no substitute for the original. Many thanks go to un-named people who helped with this content.[clearboth]

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Andrew Loomis’ book was intended for professional illustrators, but today is sought after by art lovers, aspiring artists, professional artists, art teachers, the list goes on. I didn’t understand the buzz until I saw the book in person. It’s one of those books you just end up loving and lusting after! Glossy color plates, glossy pages, step by step instructions … I borrowed the book from a friend and was up until 3 in the morning without even realizing it!

Andrew Loomis, born in 1892, was smitten with art at an early age and studied at art schools in New York and Chicago. Eventually, he opened his own art studio on Michigan Avenue in bustling Chicago. He also taught art in Chicago in the 1930’s and from that experience developed the techniques which were eventually published in his instructional books in the 1940’s.



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