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thumb-piano-kalimbaMy daughter, Mia, turned two not too long ago and we wanted to get her something special. Since we prefer to buy toys that are more ‘Touch’ and less ‘Tech,’ we went with a Thumb Piano or as they’re properly called, a Kalimba. After all Mia has our iPhones to play with when she requires something ‘Tech’ to play with.

We found a nice simple eight key Kalimba at Terra Toys in Austin Texas.  I immediately went to YouTube and looked around for Kalimba experts and found a short list of outstanding examples of what a basic Thumb Piano can do.

Now that Mia has been playing with her Kalimba for several months, I’ve come to appreciate just how neat this little instrument is. They’re durable, easy to pack and go, and you can leave them on your end table and pluck out a tune as your heart desires, all without waking sleeping children. The only thing that I’m missing now is a free Kalimba Tabs or Thumb Piano Tabs website!  Addicting!

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