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We recently received a email with a deal that we simply could not refuse. We ignored the old phrase, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

The deal was for 500 single sided business cards for the low price of only $10 with FREE shipping! So, I cobbled together a quick business card image, and placed my order.

When the product arrived it was very apparent that you truly do “Get what you pay for.” The weight of the card stock was about as stiff as two pieces of Xerox paper and had twice as much tooth to it. The color saturation was very dark and the human in charge of cutting these cards clearly needs to lose their job at Vistaprint. On nearly every card you could clearly see a white line where the guillotine was improperly aligned.

This is my mocked up stack of cards which illustrates the look I was going for.
Pinwire Business Cards Mockup

This is what was sent to me from Vistaprint:
Vistaprint Business Card FAIL!

After making a call to their customer service and giving them my account number the representative was more than happy to offer me some color correction tips to match their printing methods as well as waited on the phone while I uploaded the new artwork.

All said and done, Vistaprint is re-printing the project free of charge and the new batch of cards should be here in a week. Five stars to Vistaprint customer service.

One thing I noticed while uploading the new artwork to the My Account area of the Vistaprint website is, they clearly state that there is no limit to the number of images you can upload and store. It also turns out that you can link directly to the original artwork or a scaled down version of your upload and send that link to a friend making Vistaprint a fantastic image storage site!

Vista Print Image Hosting

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  • Katherine

    How did the reprint work out? If you’re interested in reviewing another business card printing company, please let me know. We’d love to put your designs on paper.

    • Tom McGuire

      The re-print worked out sort of okay. While I was finally able to get a box of cards that looked mostly correct, the odd thing was that when I pulled a card from the front of the box and from the back of the box, the color didn’t match. So, it appears that even within the run it’self there is inconsistency.

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