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While it has only been a short time since we released our last overhaul back in March 2010, this version is a true rewrite from the ground up. We had a lot of legacy code laying around and spread across several of the other sites in our network. All of the media and assets have been fully integrated into this new version, which we call v6.

A few new little things were added. You can now see a list of the top visited content on Pinwire within a 24 hour period; our ‘Trending Articles.”

We also created more robust YouTube channel, FaceBook Page, and Twitter integration. Better Article Notification and RSS subscription implementation is here for you to enjoy now as well! We have additional suggested search terms near the bottom of each article which is a rolling list of keywords that visitors have used which resulted in a hit to the page.

Most important is that we were finally approved to join the advertising network. This means we can officially sell advertising and sponsored Tweets!


Pinwire Postmortem 2011

Being so close to the end of the 2011 year, I thought I would disclose some of our most popular incoming search queries and traffic statistics for 2011. Popular search queries were ‘Scarf Tying’ and ‘Freemason’ followed by ‘Hand Animals’ and ‘Arabian Horse.’

A quick peek at our 2011 traffic stats (12/16/2011):
Unique Visitors: 98,735
Number of Visits: 150,804
Page Views: 2,025,498
Hits: 4,661,958

We hope to continue to provide you fresh and fun content for 2012 and beyond! And don’t forget to visit our TwitterBook’s!

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